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2018 Topps Series 1 MLB Spring Training Team Logo Patch Autograph Cards Checklist

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STAP-ABE Adrian Beltre
STAP-AN Aaron Nola
STAP-BP Buster Posey
STAP-CC Carlos Correa
STAP-EL Evan Longoria
STAP-ET Eric Thames
STAP-FF Freddie Freeman
STAP-JD Josh Donaldson
STAP-JV Joey Votto
STAP-KB Kris Bryant
STAP-KD Khris Davis
STAP-MM Manny Machado
STAP-MS Miguel Sano
STAP-MT Mike Trout
STAP-NS Noah Syndergaard
STAP-PG Paul Goldschmidt
STAP-YMN Yoan Moncada