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1955 topps Checklist

The 1955 Topps set brought a new style of card for Topps. The entire set was designed using horizontal cards, and they pulled off another beautiful set. The '55 cards did contain some similarities to the '54 cards, having a portrait of each player as well as a secondary full action pose of the player. The team logo is at the top of the card, while the team name, position and player name are at the bottom of the card. The set only consists of 206 cards (the smallest regular set produced by Topps), but there are several highly sought after cards from this set, as well as another rare high number series.

The 1955 Topps checklist includes rookie cards of hall of famers Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente and Harmon Killebrew. The high number series are numbers 161 through 210. Card numbers 175, 186, 203 and 209 were not issued due to late Bowman contract switches, bringing the total number of cards in the set to the previously mentioned number of 206. If you are curious as to which players signed with Bowman late in the production cycle, they were some pretty big names. Since 1955 would be the last year that Bowman would produce a set as an independent company, the strategy obviously did not work out for them. But here are the four missing cards that were originally slated to be in the Topps set.

  • #175 Stan Musial
  • #186 Whitey Ford
  • #203 Bob Feller
  • #209 Herb Score

The 1955 baseball cards were issued in one card packs which cost a penny, six card packs which cost a nickel and 15 card cello packs.

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1 Dusty Rhodes New York Giants
2 Ted Williams Boston Red Sox
3 Art Fowler Cincinnati Reds
4 Al Kaline Detroit Tigers
5 Jim Gilliam Brooklyn Dodgers
6 Stan Hack Chicago Cubs
7 Jim Hegan Cleveland Indians
8 Hal Smith Baltimore Orioles
9 Bob Miller Detroit Tigers
10 Bob Keegan Chicago White Sox
11 Ferris Fain Detroit Tigers
12 Jake Thies Pittsburgh Pirates
13 Fred Marsh Baltimore Orioles
14 Jim Finigan Kansas City Athletics
15 Jim Pendleton Milwaukee Braves
16 Roy Sievers Washington Senators
17 Bobby Hofman New York Giants
18 Russ Kemmerer Boston Red Sox
19 Billy Herman Brooklyn Dodgers
20 Andy Carey New York Yankees
21 Alex Grammas St. Louis Cardinals
22 Bill Skowron New York Yankees
23 Jack Parks Milwaukee Braves
24 Hal Newhouser Cleveland Indians
25 Johnny Podres Brooklyn Dodgers
26 Dick Groat Pittsburgh Pirates
27 Billy Gardner New York Giants
28 Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs
29 Herman Wehmeier Philadelphia Phillies
30 Vic Power Kansas City Athletics
31 Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves
32 Ed McGhee Chicago White Sox
33 Tom Qualters Philadelphia Phillies
34 Wayne Terwilliger Washington Senators
35 Dave Jolly Milwaukee Braves
36 Leo Kiely Boston Red Sox
37 Joe Cunningham St. Louis Cardinals
38 Bob Turley New York Yankees
39 Bill Glynn Cleveland Indians
40 Don Hoak Brooklyn Dodgers
41 Chuck Stobbs Washington Senators
42 "Windy" McCall New York Giants
43 Harvey Haddix St. Louis Cardinals
44 "Corky"Valentine Cincinnati Reds
45 Hank Sauer Chicago Cubs
46 Ted Kazanski Philadelphia Phillies
47 Hank Aaron Milwaukee Braves
48 Bob Kennedy Baltimore Orioles
49 J.W. Porter Detroit Tigers
50 Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers
51 Jim Hughes Brooklyn Dodgers
52 Bill Tremel Chicago Cubs
53 Bill Taylor New York Giants
54 Lou Limmer Kansas City Athletics
55 "Rip" Repulski St. Louis Cardinals
56 Ray Jablonski Cincinnati Reds
57 Billy O'Dell Baltimore Orioles
58 Jim Rivera Chicago White Sox
59 Gair Allie Pittsburgh Pirates
60 Dean Stone Washington Senators
61 "Spook" Jacobs Kansas City Athletics
62 Thornton Kipper Philadelphia Phillies
63 Joe Collins New York Yankees
64 Gus Triandos Baltimore Orioles
65 Ray Boone Detroit Tigers
66 Ron Jackson Chicago White Sox
67 Wally Moon St. Louis Cardinals
68 Jim Davis Chicago Cubs
69 Ed Bailey Cincinnati Reds
70 Al Rosen Cleveland Indians
71 Ruben Gomez New York Giants
72 Karl Olson Boston Red Sox
73 Jack Shepard Pittsburgh Pirates
74 Bob Borkowski Cincinnati Reds
75 Sandy Amoros Brooklyn Dodgers
76 Howie Pollet Chicago Cubs
77 Arnold Portocarrero Kansas City Athletics
78 Gordon Jones St. Louis Cardinals
79 Danny Schell Philadelphia Phillies
80 Bob Grim New York Yankees
81 Gene Conley Milwaukee Braves
82 Chuck Harmon Cincinnati Reds
83 Tom Brewer Boston Red Sox
84 Camilo Pascual Washington Senators
85 Don Mossi Cleveland Indians
86 Bill Wilson Kansas City Athletics
87 Frank House Detroit Tigers
88 Bob Skinner Pittsburgh Pirates
89 Joe Frazier St. Louis Cardinals
90 Karl Spooner Brooklyn Dodgers
91 Milt Bolling Boston Red Sox
92 Don Zimmer Brooklyn Dodgers
93 Steve Bilko Chicago Cubs
94 Reno Bertoia Detroit Tigers
95 Preston Ward Pittsburgh Pirates
96 Charlie Bishop Kansas City Athletics
97 Carlos Paula Washington Senators
98 Johnny Riddle St. Louis Cardinals
99 Frank Leja New York Yankees
100 Monte Irvin New York Giants
101 Johnny Gray Kansas City Athletics
102 Wally Westlake Cleveland Indians
103 Charlie White Milwaukee Braves
104 Jack Harshman Chicago White Sox
105 Chuck Diering Baltimore Orioles
106 Frank Sullivan Boston Red Sox
107 Curt Roberts Pittsburgh Pirates
108 "Rube" Walker Brooklyn Dodgers
109 Ed Lopat New York Yankees
110 Gus Zernial Kansas City Athletics
111 Bob Milliken Brooklyn Dodgers
112 Nelson King Pittsburgh Pirates
113 Harry Brecheen Baltimore Orioles
114 Lou Ortiz Philadelphia Phillies
115 Ellis Kinder Boston Red Sox
116 Tom Hurd Boston Red Sox
117 Mel Roach Milwaukee Braves
118 Bob Purkey Pittsburgh Pirates
119 Bob Lennon New York Giants
120 Ted Kluszewski Cincinnati Reds
121 Bill Renna Kansas City Athletics
122 Carl Sawatski Chicago White Sox
123 Sandy Koufax Brooklyn Dodgers
124 Harmon Killebrew Washington Senators
125 Ken Boyer St. Louis Cardinals
126 Dick Hall Pittsburgh Pirates
127 Dale Long Pittsburgh Pirates
128 Ted Lepcio Boston Red Sox
129 Elvin Tappe Chicago Cubs
130 Mayo Smith Philadelphia Phillies
131 Grady Hatton Boston Red Sox
132 Bob Trice Kansas City Athletics
133 Dave Hoskins Cleveland Indians
134 Joe Jay Milwaukee Braves
135 Johnny O'Brien Pittsburgh Pirates
136 Bunky Stewart Washington Senators
137 Harry Elliott St. Louis Cardinals
138 Ray Herbert Detroit Tigers
139 Steve Kraly New York Yankees
140 Mel Parnell Boston Red Sox
141 Tom Wright Washington Senators
142 Jerry Lynch Pittsburgh Pirates
143 Dick Schofield St. Louis Cardinals
144 Joe Amalfitano New York Giants
145 Elmer Valo Kansas City Athletics
146 Dick Donovan Chicago White Sox
147 Hugh Pepper Pittsburgh Pirates
148 Hal Brown Boston Red Sox
149 Ray Crone Milwaukee Braves
150 Mike Higgins Boston Red Sox
151 "Red" Kress Cleveland Indians
152 Harry Agganis Boston Red Sox
153 "Bud" Podbielan Cincinnati Reds
154 Willie Miranda Baltimore Orioles
155 Ed Mathews Milwaukee Braves
156 Joe Black Brooklyn Dodgers
157 Bob Miller Philadelphia Phillies
158 Tom Carroll New York Yankees
159 Johnny Schmitz Washington Senators
160 Ray Narleski Cleveland Indians
161 Chuck Tanner Milwaukee Braves
162 Joe Coleman Baltimore Orioles
163 Faye Throneberry Boston Red Sox
164 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates
165 Don Johnson Baltimore Orioles
166 Hank Bauer New York Yankees
167 Tom Casagrande Philadelphia Phillies
168 Duane Pillette Baltimore Orioles
169 Bob Oldis Washington Senators
170 Jim Pearce Cincinnati Reds
171 Dick Brodowski Boston Red Sox
172 Frank Baumholtz Chicago Cubs
173 Bob Kline Washington Senators
174 Rudy Minarcin Cincinnati Reds
175 Not Issued
176 Norm Zauchin Boston Red Sox
177 Jim Robertson Kansas City Athletics
178 Bobby Adams Cincinnati Reds
179 Jim Bolger Chicago Cubs
180 Clem Labine Brooklyn Dodgers
181 Roy McMillan Cincinnati Reds
182 Humberto Robinson Milwaukee Braves
183 Tony Jacobs St. Louis Cardinals
184 Harry Perkowski Chicago Cubs
185 Don Ferrarese Baltimore Orioles
186 Not Issued
187 Gil Hodges Brooklyn Dodgers
188 Charlie Silvera New York Yankees
189 Phil Rizzuto New York Yankees
190 Gene Woodling Baltimore Orioles
191 Ed Stanky St. Louis Cardinals
192 Jim Delsing Detroit Tigers
193 Johnny Sain New York Yankees
194 Willie Mays New York Giants
195 Ed Roebuck Brooklyn Dodgers
196 Gale Wade Chicago Cubs
197 Al Smith Cleveland Indians
198 Yogi Berra New York Yankees
199 Bert Hamric Brooklyn Dodgers
200 Jack Jensen Boston Red Sox
201 Sherm Lollar Chicago White Sox
202 Jim Owens Philadelphia Phillies
203 Not Issued
204 Frank Smith St. Louis Cardinals
205 Gene Freese Pittsburgh Pirates
206 Pete Daley Boston Red Sox
207 Bill Consolo Boston Red Sox
208 Ray Moore Baltimore Orioles
209 Not Issued
210 Duke Snider Brooklyn Dodgers