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1957 Topps Football Checklist

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1 Eddie LeBaron Washington Redskins
2 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles
3 Mike McCormack Cleveland Browns
4 Lou Baldacci Pittsburgh Steelers
5 Gino Marchetti Baltimore Colts
6 Leo Nomellini San Francisco 49ers
7 Bobby Watkins Chicago Bears
8 Dave Middleton Detroit Lions
9 Bobby Dillon Green Bay Packers
10 Les Richter Los Angeles Rams
11 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants
12 Lavern Torgeson Washington Redskins
13 Dick Bielski Philadelphia Eagles
14 Pat Summerall Chicago Cardinals
15 Jack Butler Pittsburgh Steelers
16 John Henry Johnson Cleveland Browns
17 Art Spinney Baltimore Colts
18 Bob St. Clair San Francisco 49ers
19 Perry Jeter Chicago Bears
20 Lou Creekmur Detroit Lions
21 Dave Hanner Green Bay Packers
22 Norm VanBrocklin Los Angeles Rams
23 Don Chandler New York Giants
24 Al Dorow Washington Redskins
25 Tom Scott Philadelphia Eagles
26 Ollie Matson Chicago Cardinals
27 Fran Rogel Pittsburgh Steelers
28 Lou Groza Cleveland Browns
29 Billy Vessels Baltimore Colts
30 Y.A. Tittle San Francisco 49ers
31 George Blanda Chicago Bears
32 Bobby Layne Detroit Lions
33 Bill Howton Green Bay Packers
34 Bill Wade Los Angeles Rams
35 Emlen Tunnell New York Giants
36 Leo Elter Washington Redskins
37 Clarence Peaks Philadelphia Eagles
38 Don Stonesifer Chicago Cardinals
39 George Tarasovic Pittsburgh Steelers
40 Pete Brewster Cleveland Browns
41 Bert Rechichar Baltimore Colts
42 Billy Wilson San Francisco 49ers
43 Ed Brown Chicago Bears
44 Gene Gedman Detroit Lions
45 Gary Knafelc Green Bay Packers
46 Elroy Hirsch Los Angeles Rams
47 Don Heinrich New York Giants
48 Gene Brito Washington Redskins
49 Chuck Bednarik Philadelphia Eagles
50 Dave Mann Chicago Cardinals
51 Bill McPeak Pittsburgh Steelers
52 Kenny Konz Cleveland Browns
53 Alan Ameche Baltimore Colts
54 Gordon Soltau San Francisco 49ers
55 Rick Casares Chicago Bears
56 Charlie Ane Detroit Lions
57 Al Carmichael Green Bay Packers
58 Willard Sherman Los Angeles Rams
59 Kyle Rote New York Giants
60 Chuck Drazenovich Washington Redskins
61 Bobby Walston Philadelphia Eagles
62 John Olszewski Chicago Cardinals
63 Ray Mathews Pittsburgh Steelers
64 Maurice Bassett Cleveland Browns
65 Art Donovan Baltimore Colts
66 Joe Arenas San Francisco 49ers
67 Harlon Hill Chicago Bears
68 Yale Lary Detroit Lions
69 Bill Forester Green Bay Packers
70 Rob Boyd Los Angeles Rams
71 Andy Robustelli New York Giants
72 Sam Baker Washington Redskins
73 Bob Pellegrini Philadelphia Eagles
74 Leo Sanford Chicago Cardinals
75 Sid Watson Pittsburgh Steelers
76 Ray Renfro Cleveland Browns
77 Carl Taseff Baltimore Colts
78 Clyde Conner San Francisco 49ers
79 J.C. Caroline Chicago Bears
80 Howard Cassady Detroit Lions
81 Tobin Rote Green Bay Packers
82 Ron Waller Los Angeles Rams
83 Jim Patton New York Giants
84 Volney Peters Washington Redskins
85 Richard Lane Chicago Cardinals
86 Royce Womble Baltimore Colts
87 Duane Putnam Los Angeles Rams
88 Frank Gifford New York Giants
89 Steve Mellinger Washington Redskins
90 Buck Lansford Philadelphia Eagles
91 Lindon Crow Chicago Cardinals
92 Ernie Slaughter Pittsburgh Steelers
93 Preston Carpenter Cleveland Browns
94 Raymond Berry Baltimore Colts
95 Hugh McElhenny San Francisco 49ers
96 Stan Jones Chicago Bears
97 Dorne Dibble Detroit Lions
98 Joe Scudero Washington Redskins
99 Eddie Bell Philadelphia Eagles
100 Joe Childress Chicago Cardinals
101 Elbert Nickel Pittsburgh Steelers
102 Walt Michaels Cleveland Browns
103 Jim Mutscheller Baltimore Colts
104 Earl Morrall San Francisco 49ers
105 Larry Strickland Chicago Bears
106 Jack Christiansen Detroit Lions
107 Fred Cone Green Bay Packers
108 Bud McFadin Los Angeles Rams
109 Charley Conerly New York Giants
110 Tom Runnels Washington Redskins
111 Ken Keller Philadelphia Eagles
112 James Root Chicago Cardinals
113 Ted Marchibroda Pittsburgh Steelers
114 Don Paul Cleveland Browns
115 George Shaw Baltimore Colts
116 Dick Moegle San Francisco 49ers
117 Don Bingham Chicago Bears
118 Leon Hart Detroit Lions
119 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers
120 Paul Miller Los Angeles Rams
121 Alex Webster New York Giants
122 Ray Wietecha New York Giants
123 Johnny Carson Washington Redskins
124 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles
125 Jerry Tubbs Chicago Cardinals
126 Jack Scarbath Pittsburgh Steelers
127 Ed Modzelewski Cleveland Browns
128 Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts
129 Joe Perry San Francisco 49ers
130 Bill Wightkin Chicago Bears
131 Jim Doran Detroit Lions
132 Howard Ferguson Green Bay Packers
133 Tom Wilson Los Angeles Rams
134 Dick James Washington Redskins
135 Jimmy Harris Philadelphia Eagles
136 Chuck Ulrich Chicago Cardinals
137 Lynn Chandnois Pittsburgh Steelers
138 John Unitas Baltimore Colts
139 Jim Ridlon San Francisco 49ers
140 Zeke Bratkowski Chicago Bears
141 Ray Krouse Detroit Lions
142 John Martinkovic Green Bay Packers
143 Jim Cason Los Angeles Rams
144 Ken MacAfee New York Giants
145 Sid Youngelman Philadelphia Eagles
146 Paul Larson Chicago Cardinals
147 Len Ford Cleveland Browns
148 Bob Toneff San Francisco 49ers
149 Ronnie Knox Chicago Bears
150 Jim Davis Detroit Lions
151 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers
152 Tank Younger Los Angeles Rams
153 Bill Svoboda New York Giants
154 Fred Morrison Cleveland Browns
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